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Pracownia Sztuk Plastycznych Sp. z o.o.
ul. Modlińska 6D
03-216 Warszawa
tel. +48 728 408 541


Andrzej Wieczorek
tel.: +48 600 988 832 
Łukasz Dybalski - designer
tel.: +48 664 067 548

ul. Dzieci Warszawy 41c m.7
02-495 Warszawa, Polska

Contact persons:

Katarzyna Chojecka
Telephone +48 508 999 847

Dawid Krzeszowski
Telephone +48 508 999 834


All persons who will deal with the preparation/ construction of the stand on the days of assembly and disassembly must be registered online by the Exhibitor. Persons staying at the fair are required to have IDs. Personal badges should be presented for inspection at the entrance to the market hall and exit. You can also register at the Reception Desk on the day of installation.

In the case of individual installations, it is necessary to:

  • provide the Organizer with a stand construction project to the following address: by November 30, 2022. The submitted project should comply with the construction law and other regulations and standards in force in Poland, as well as with the regulations in force at PTAK Warsaw Expo.
  • obtain the Organizer's approval (if the construction exceeds 2.5 m in height),
  • obtain from the Organizer a written consent for the implementation of the construction,
  • aesthetically finish the back walls of the stand building in white on their entire surface, so that they do not interfere with neighboring stands.

Organizational information
The Exhibitor is obliged to register at the Registration Desk immediately upon arrival at the Fair in order to acceptance of the stand. All persons staying at the fair are obliged to have identifiers. For this purpose it is necessary to enter in the Exhibitor's Panel the data of persons who will represent the Exhibitor during the TSW 2023 Fair and people involved in the construction of the stand. After entering the data, you should print a personal identifier, which will be required for control at the entrance to the exhibition hall and exiting the hall. Only persons with personal identifiers are authorized to stay at the Fair outside the opening hours for the public. Persons employed by the Exhibitor for technical work are obliged to wear badges during the assembly and disassembly of the stand. 
The assembly of the exhibits takes place on January 17, 2023 from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm (large-size elements – only until 6.00 pm), in accordance with the previously set schedule. An additional day of assembly on January 16, 2023 is possible with the consent of the Organizer and a fee of PLN 800 net/ day from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm. 

Internal combustion vehicles entering the hall must be emptied of fuel to the level of the so-called reserve.

The exhibitor may not independently connect or disconnect electricity receivers from the network on the premises. Dismantling of the stand (exhibits and equipment) can start only after the end of the Fair on January 19, 2023.  from 04.00 pm. Dismantling must be completed by 10.00 pm. on January 19, 2023.

The exhibitor is responsible for the liquidation and dismantling of his stand and the removal of equipment and exhibits. Failure to comply with this obligation results in charging the Exhibitor with the costs of removing the above-mentioned elements. Equipment leased from the Organizer should be left intact. The Exhibitor is obliged, after the end of the Fair, to restore the occupied exhibition space to its original state. Causing mechanical damage to the floor, façade, gate, wall, door will result in charging the Exhibitor with repair costs.  Elements of the building and equipment of the stand left during the dismantling are considered to be abandoned property, and passes without compensation to the property of the TSW Organizer.

Please remember to remove the tapes on the exhibition area. The fee for leaving the tape is PLN 32 net per mb.

Forwarding services
During TSW 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo, forwarding, loading and unloading services using a lift truck will be performed only by Netlog Polska Sp. z o.o., a company with a license to operate at the Ptak Warsaw Expo facility.
The price list of forwarding services is available in the Organizer's office and in Netlog Polska Sp. z o.o.: Prądzyńskiego 12/14, 01-222 Warsaw, Mr Rafał Skrobutan, tel. 668 890 274, e-mail: Invoices for the above-mentioned services will be issued directly by Netlog Polska Sp. z o.o.

Car park for Exhibitors is free of charge during the open hours of the Fair, including the day of assembly and disassembly. In the parking lots at the exhibition halls, it is forbidden to park trucks (over 3.5 t) and passenger cars occupying more than one parking space. Cars left in prohibited places will be removed at the expense of the Exhibitor. The car park made available to Exhibitors is unguarded. The Organizer of the Fair is not responsible for damage caused to vehicles and property left behind. Exhibitors' vehicles may remain in the parking lot at night after prior notification of this fact in the Ptak Warsaw Expo office. The cost of parking according to the parking rates of Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Contact regarding parking:

Phone: +48 518 739 124